This site is currently still under development. The products shown are just a small selection from our range.


Veracious is active as a wholesaler in exclusive finishes throughout Europe. On this site you will find our collection of high-quality products to gild or patinate your objects. In this collection we carry products from Sculpt Nouveau, BormaWachs C'a D'Oro and Veracious Pro. Of course, this is just a selection of the possibilities. Don't hesitate to ask about products you're missing.


# We deliver our products within 15 working days. Most products are in stock and will ship within 24 hours. If you would like to know if a product is in stock, please send us an email.


# For orders outside the Netherlands and Belgium, due to large differences in the transport prices of different products to the various countries, it is unfortunately not possible to give an unambiguous price for the transport. Please contact us for a specific quote.


# Several products are "for professional use only". This is clearly indicated on the product. These can only be ordered with a company account.